Kiri Marsters Photography

Picking a venue that photographs well (and a great photographer) will guarantee you lots of beautiful images from your wedding day.

What are 3 things you love about photographing weddings at Tabula Rasa?

The ceremony location is absolutely stunning. It provides excellent shade for the guests and from a photographer’s point of view – great lighting!  Along with that, the team is amazing. You’re well looked after and the food is delicious every time. My favourite location is the canape area as you can play games, have a drink and enjoy the day

What makes a great photoshoot location? Does Tabula Rasa fulfill those requirements?

Tabula Rasa is a great wedding venue for photos. You can capture all the photos on-site as there are plenty of different locations. It also allows the couple to just relax by themselves as the day can go by very quickly.

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