Winter Wedding: Our Do’s & Don’ts

A winter wedding… Now that’s something you typically don’t hear very often.

Whilst over 80% of wedding’s are held during the warmer months: Nov – April, a winter wedding isn’t something to shy away from. If done well, a winter wedding leaning into all the best parts of the cold season, can be the most magical and romantic of times. There’s a reason why they call it ‘Winter Wonderland’! If you’re thinking about having your wedding in winter, here is a list of our Do’s and Don’ts to make sure you get the most out of your special day in the chilly season!

Winter Wedding Do’s:

Embrace the winter theme!

Having a wedding in summer, doesn’t mean you have to have a ‘summer theme,’ but the opposite happens when you have a winter wedding. A winter wedding is so unique that it undoubtably needs to be included into your theme. That means the dress code can be more snuggly than what you’d typically wear to a wedding, see if you can get a venue with fireplaces or additional heaters, have blankets or serve hot drinks such as mulled wine to your guests! There’s plenty of ways you can lean all in and make it a comfortable and fun experience your guests will never forget!

Plan for shorter days:

The sun goes down early! Remember in the peak of winter it will be dark around 5pm so you might want to start your wedding ceremony in the late morning if you want to maximise the daylight hours for the best photos.

Always have a backup plan…or two:

Have plans A, B, C AND D all ready to go!
Select a venue that can accommodate both indoor and outdoor activities. Winter weddings have the tendency to be higher-risk events when one considers travel delays for guests and possible weather issues. We suggest all our clients be prepared for wind, rain, snow, and flight delays and think about the ‘what if’s’!

Ensure your guests stay warm. 

Do not skimp on heaters or warmth! You’ll want plenty of heating methods if you’re going to have any portion of your wedding outside. You can even offer your guests handwarmers, blankets or umbrellas to ensure they stay comfortable. Look into gas heaters or small bonfires to ensure your guests are focused on you getting married and not when they can go back inside!

Setup a coat check:

Depending on the forecast, your guests will be wrapping up warm to get to and from the venue. Encourage them to stay warm by providing them with a coat check for their coats and umbrellas. They will greatly appreciate this!

Lean into the mood lighting:

Have warm toned lights at your wedding and keep it dim and cosy. This will ultimately make the wedding feel warm and intimate – how romantic! We suggest having a few beautiful candle placements throughout – but check with your venue beforehand if you’re allowed real candles or not!

Winter Wedding Don’ts:

Take all your wedding day photos outdoors. 

While they will be pretty in theory, you’ll also have pink cheeks and noses throughout!
Ensure you have a backup indoor photo location too, so that you can get the best of both worlds!

Don’t let your guests get cold for the sake of your vision 

Uncomfortable guests lead to a party that is less than fun. End of story.
Don’t prioritize your winter wedding vision at the expense of your guests’ comfort. This means whilst you can have some of your wedding outside, we recommend having a safe & warm space indoors to or going over the top with heating methods to ensure your guests stay nice and toasty!

Don’t assume it will be less expensive.

Having a wedding in the ‘off-season’ might mean you can get your venue for slightly cheaper. Whilst this is true, you might have to spend more in other areas (such as all these outdoor bonfires to keep your guests warm!). Depending on where you want to get married, if you’re near the mountains winter will be their high season so you may be challenged with high prices for food and beverages during this time as lots of vendors will be busy!

Remember that the most important thing about your wedding day is celebrating your love and commitment to each other. Don’t get too caught up in perfectionism or stress—focus on enjoying the moment with your partner and loved ones.

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