Kelvin Hu Photography (K2Image)

Your wedding photographs serve as a timeless portal, allowing you to revisit the treasured moments that made your wedding day truly exceptional. Here at Tabula Rasa, we have the opportunity to collaborate with amazing photographers to capture your special day.

This month we will be highlighting Kelvin Hu from K2Image

What are 3 things you love about photographing weddings at Tabula Rasa?

“Scenic Location: Tabula Rasa offers a picturesque setting that can enhance the beauty of wedding photographs. Its got great landscapes, elegant architecture, or unique features that may provide a fantastic backdrop for capturing memorable moments.”

What makes a great photoshoot location? Does Tabula Rasa fulfill those requirements?

“A great location offers a variety of backgrounds or setting within close proximity. This versatility allows for different looks and moods, giving photographers the freedom to capture diverse shots without needing to relocate frequently, and also photographer can find somewhere to shoot either on a sunny day or rainy day.”

“Tabula Rasa is a great venue for weddings, and it fulfills all the requirements I mentioned above! I’d love to shoot at this venue again.”

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