Nicole Paton Photography

A big part of weddings at Tabula Rasa are the incredible photographers who help to capture your special day. We’ve been asking some of our favourite photographers who have shot beautiful weddings here at Tabula Rasa what they love about our venue.

First up is Nicole Paton Photography.

Lacey & Devan’s gorgeous wedding

What are 3 things you love about photographing weddings at Tabula Rasa?

I love photographing weddings at Tabula Rasa because of the diverse photo location options, the ceremony spaces are divine, and the staff are so friendly and helpful! 

What makes a great photoshoot location? Does Tabula Rasa fulfill those requirements?

I am a lover of light! I love a photo shoot location that is diverse in its offerings where I can create unique images for my couples every time. I love that I can shoot many weddings at Tabula Rasa, but no two will be the same because I’m led by the couple’s vision for the day; always producing unique and creative images. Tabula Rasa allows me to be creative, play with light differently, and show off my couples in their gorgeous gardens. I love to sneak out for sunset in the driveway to capture my couples in the soft light that Tabula Rasa has at dusk. Tabula Rasa is a great wedding venue that offers timeless photography locations. 

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