The Wedding Showcase, hosted at our venue near the end of September, was a tremendous success. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and invaluable insights for couples looking to make their wedding day truly special.

We partnered with a curated selection of trusted wedding vendors, some of whom we’ve collaborated with before, to create a comprehensive and informative experience for our guests. Let’s take a closer look at what some of the attending couples had to say about their Wedding Showcase experience.

What did you enjoy about the Tabula Rasa Wedding Showcase?

Trent and Joyce: “We loved seeing and interacting with the different wedding vendors. It was very helpful to be able to visualize the different aspects we need to consider and see the different options available for our wedding.”

It’s heartwarming to know that the couples found the array of vendors and their offerings to be such a valuable resource. The opportunity to not only see but also interact with vendors in person is something that many couples find immensely beneficial. Being able to visualise various wedding elements, from floral arrangements to cake designs, certainly takes some of the guesswork out of wedding planning.

Laurel and John: “We’d never been to one, so it was lovely to be able to experience it. It was great to have everything we needed to consider for a wedding all in one place – from photographers, wedding bakers, and wedding decorators, which helped us with our wedding planning. They all provided insightful information.”

For Laurel and John, the Wedding Showcase served as their introduction to the world of wedding expos. They emphasised the convenience of having everything they needed for their wedding planning in one place. The insights and information provided by the vendors undoubtedly gave them a clearer vision of their wedding day. This experience is exactly what we aimed to offer – a one-stop shop for wedding planning guidance.

What insights did you gain from the talented wedding vendors?

Trent and Joyce: “We got a tip from Nicole Paton, the photographer, about considering bringing a second shirt, especially for the summertime – we found that tip quite helpful.”

Nicole Paton, one of our featured photographers, offered a practical tip that might not immediately come to mind during wedding planning. It’s these little, yet significant, pieces of advice that make attending events like the Wedding Showcase so worthwhile. Couples leave not only with inspiration but with actionable tips to enhance their wedding experience.

Laurel and John: “We found it helpful having different wedding ideas and details that we hadn’t considered before, such as photo booths, gift boxes, table layouts. Further confirmed our wedding planning.”

Discovering new ideas and details that hadn’t previously crossed their minds is a testament to the diversity of vendors and services available at the Wedding Showcase. The event is not just about confirming your existing plans; it’s about expanding your horizons and making your wedding day uniquely yours.

Our first-ever Wedding Showcase was a success, thanks to the wonderful couples who attended and the dedicated wedding vendors who shared their expertise. The event not only simplified the wedding planning process but also provided an enriching experience for all involved. We look forward to hosting more Wedding Showcases in the future, where love, inspiration, and invaluable insights continue to flourish.

Photography by: Lionel Tan Photography @lioneltanphotography